Become a freelancer with benefits

We take you hire

Proxify helps talented developers connect with brilliant startups in Sweden. Join yourself or apply as a team with your friends.

  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Freedom as a freelancer
  • Paid office space

Kick-start with a
Macbook Pro*

Your work environment is important for us. Therefore, we want you to be well equiped. As long as you work with us we will make sure you are well equipped.

* Are you in love with PC or Linux? It is fine.

What makes you attractive

Beautiful code

From the buttom of you heart you want the code to be readable and following best-practises.


Your English doesn’t need to be perfect. But you should be willing and enjoy to talk freely on Skype, even with webcam turned on.


You are acting entrepreneurial. A counterparty to discuss with. You come with suggestions how to improve the product. A high level of responsibility.