Our mission is to
conquer the world

Just kidding, our mission is to provide you with the tools to conquer
the world. One great project at a time.


Our culture is only
as strong as our values

They describe our culture and guide our company through all
of what we do - from the way we interact with our clients, to the way
we interact with each other.

  • Innovation

    We pledge to remain curious and willing to try new things. We don't settle for the "tried and tested" attitude towards work just because it "works". Innovation comes from risk and we are not risk averse.

  • Passion

    Our team is comprised of individuals with a genuine drive for what they do. People who are committed to self-betterment both professionally and personally.

  • Ownership

    Everyone involved is responsible for the success of our business. Whenever we make a decision, however big it is, our business and its future is impacted. To maintain success, we aim for a culture where everyone feels able to and encourage to think outside the box and take educated risks.

  • Honesty

    Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of Proxify. They are the foundations upon which we build and they run throughout the company.

Leadership team

Meet the leaders driving Proxify

  • viktor

    Viktor Jarnheimer

    Co-founder and CEO

    A full-stack developer who has run four startups before Proxify - all with a focus on cutting edge technologies, built using distributed teams.

  • lee

    Lee Haynes

    Co-founder & COO

    One of the co-founders, Lee has been working with remote developers and designers for the last 6 years and is in charge of building Proxify's product.

  • william

    William Svedström

    Chief Growth Officer

    William has worked with distributed software engineering teams for more than 6 years and has a background within Data Engineering, IT Advisory, Visual Analytics, and Sales.

  • nadya

    Nadia Pokhyla

    Head of Recruitment

    An experienced and results-oriented recruiter, with a strong background in global IT recruitment, highly focused on creating the perfect match between great companies and IT professionals.

  • alexis

    Alexis Komarov

    Head of Talent Acquisition

    With 14+ years of strategy consulting experience, Alexis is responsible for Talent Acquisition at Proxify, focusing primarily on the number, quality and diversity of the talent pool.

  • olha

    Olha Bondar

    Head of Community Management

    With Proxify almost from the start, Olha’s team is the glue holding our network together. Olha is dedicated to cultivating our members’ engagement with their work and fostering our open culture.

We’re based here
but our reach is global

  • sweden


    This is where the magic happens and where most of our team is located, you might find us all together brainstorming in a meeting or throwing jokes around the office. Either way, this is a fun environment where you can find the support and the calm to focus on your work.

  • ukraine


    This is where we focus on talent acquisition among other things. Here you'll find a space where drive and togetherness are prioritised. A modern office space which enables our team to focus when working and socialise when not.

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