React/Native to fintech startup in Lviv


React/Native to fintech startup in Lviv

Important Q&A

  • Q: Why was the React developer sad?  A: Because he didn’t Node how to Express himself
  • Q: Why did the React Higher Order Component give up?  A. Because it sur-rendered to the prop-aganda! 
  • Q. Why couldn’t the React component understand the joke?  A. Because it didn’t get the context.

Suggested stack

We need to built the front-end. Both one App and one Desktop version. We really like React but are open for suggestions. 



  • Q: Why did the Volodymyr and Mykola (our backend devs) fall asleep? 
    A: Because they didn’t like Java

So, what will be build?


This is sneak peak of the desktop version. We can't wait for to show you the rest! :) All design is done. 


Our mission


It is interesting how much data you can gather from a single card transaction. 

  • Recurring or new customers?
  • How much do they buy for?
  • What do they buy?
  • etc.

For small companies, this data is usually unheard of. We want to give these insights to every store owner through a beautiful app (and desktop). We will provide you with a REST API and design.

Why do we prefer Lviv?

We want you to be close to our talented backend developers Volodymyr and Mykola! They are working from home or from a co-working space, and have a very flexible work situation.




The founders! Eric, in the middle, is the product owner.


  • Full-time and no end-date (we want you for years!!!)
  • Flexible

Work with a friend

If you have a React colleague who you want to work with. Please let us know. We are looking for two people.