Senior React.js Developer


Associo are currently building an application that makes it easier for lawyers and others to investigate facts, apply rules and solve disputes, using a structured reasoning workflow.

Project Description

There's a prototype built, extensive market testing has been done with very positive feedback and the build of the main product is well underway with MVP launch planned within a few months.

Currently they need to reinforce the development team with more frontend experience. For example building a good onboarding process and continuously adding features.

The application is being built using React.js, which is talking to a PostGres database using graphQL and as the backend for the API interface.  The database is currently hosted in Heroku but the app will soon be containerised, with Azure DevOps being used as the development environment.

Figma is being used as the design protype tool.

Tickets and daily tasks are given through a Kanban board using, as well as working tightly with the existing team. QA is performed in house by the core stakeholders.

  • 2-3 days per week initially, if everything works out there is possible extensions to be made.

Developer Requirements

  • React developer
  • A solid understanding of SQL and building database queries.
  • Having a solid understanding of UX/UI

Soft skills

  • Experience from working with legal processes previously

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