Senior React Native Developer for Svea Solar

About Sveasolar

Sveasolar is one of Europe's leading solar companies, with local offices in Sweden, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In total, they have done more than 10 000 solar panel installations and saved 723 684 tons of CO₂. You can read more about the company here:

You will be working on Svea Solar App, an app that is already in production but needs some extra love:


  • React Native expert

  • Typescript

At least 5 years commercial experience

Details about the stack

Svea solar app is built using Expo's managed workflow. We have a GitHub workflow pipeline set up for dev-staging-production branches and usually do over-the-air updates unless a native one is necessary. We try to keep all the dependencies updated. Currently, we're on Expo SDK41 and the appropriate RN version for it. We use styled-components for styling and Axios' apisauce for API calls. We don't use GraphQL yet, but we hope to someday. We use Redux for state management and redux-thunk for async actions/API integration. A big part of the job is working with custom svg-s and some animation. We have the app released on both iOS and Android on the app stores. We use sentry for error reporting and recently integrated Firebase analytics as well.

People at Svea solar

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