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Artem Misiura on how Proxify became his springboard for entrepreneurship

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I wanted to have real commercial experience working with different JS frameworks and I dreamed of creating my own team. The company I was working for at the time couldn't offer me this but rewind 3 years and up stepped Proxify!

I have been developing web and mobile applications for the last 7 years, the last 3 of which together with Proxify. In parallel to working on projects myself, Proxify has allowed me to assemble a team of junior to mid developers in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. They work on projects within Proxify under my supervision and I mentor them to ensure that the work delivered is of the quality expected by Proxify.

It was a deliberate decision of mine to enter the IT sphere and I can attribute it to my network of friends and family, my interests and the growing global demand for new technologies. While all my peers were interested in computer games, I, together with my friend, had a passion for discussing programming.

Artem Misiura

Back in 2014, when I had to choose where and what to study, I was certain that it would be a computer science related programme. Eventually, I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Science at Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University and got a solid foundation for my future career. It was a place where I met a lot of interesting people, lifetime friends and grew my network of people sharing my interests. At the end of my first year of study, I started to work as a freelancer with a team of friends from university to gain some commercial experience. After several successfully finished projects, I was on the wave and all I wanted to do was build on the momentum I had.

Having a big professional network, I was informed by my friend about an open Angular.js position in the company where he had been working. This framework is an ancestor of modern ones like Vue and React, and at that time I had no experience working with this framework at all. Moreover, I was nowhere near an expert in JS. But I wanted to learn and work on some real projects and gain as much commercial experience as possible, so I really focused all my efforts and passion on getting this position and I succeeded. I'm not afraid to admit that I was of a junior level then, but I worked with a couple of experienced front-end developers and was constantly asking questions. This experience helped me to solve a lot of complex tasks and I grew a lot during this time.

Even today, I always try to keep my knowledge up to date working with and learning all the new technologies and frameworks. After almost 2 years working with Angular.js, I knew the technology very well and started to yearn for working with something new, so I decided that it was time to push on and start working with React in order to expand my circle of knowledge.

I found work in another company rocking React and React Native, but after a while I came across Proxify and was interested right away. They were also looking for a React Native developer but were offering super flexible terms and were willing to prioritise my career development.

Over the last 2 years I have had the opportunity to work with React Native and build applications from scratch, work with Ionic and Angular, Vue.js, Nuxt.js and even solve back-end tasks working with Laravel and server rendering. Proxify has given me the chance to really develop personally and professionally and I appreciate the trust that they have put in me to work with different technologies.

Looking to the future, there is a new framework that appeared in 2016 and its name is Svelte. Believe me, it can become very popular - give it a few years and Svelte will be as popular as React is now. That is why I'm interested in learning this. Other than this, my goals are to continue developing my programming and management skills, growing my team, teaching aspiring developers and keeping my knowledge up to date. I believe that at Proxify, I have the perfect environment to achieve this.

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