Evgeniia Kolegova - UI/UX designer

Evgeniia Kolegova speaks about life working with Proxify

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I started working with Proxify about a year and a half ago and I would say that it was then that all the stars aligned for me.

I'm a Web Designer with 4 years' experience in creating designs for websites, and web and mobile apps of different complexity. Design is my profession and my passion - I always strive to make nice looking and easy to use interfaces.

I have experience in working with one of the largest media conglomerates in Ukraine. I used to be an office employee there which I didn't really like, so I thought I’d try turning to the world of freelancing and have now been doing this for several years.

When I joined Proxify I continued to work remotely, just as I did as a freelancer. However, all of a sudden I didn't have to worry about looking for new clients or interesting projects, negotiations about price, etcetera. Proxify always offers me interesting and stimulating projects to work on and I can focus only on my work and delivering a quality result. What’s more is that I have the opportunity to travel and work from anywhere in the world. This has happened much earlier in my career than I thought it would and is one of the things I value most about working with Proxify.

The clients that Proxify has provided me with up to now have always been willing to listen to new ideas and discuss the opinions of professionals like myself, which is something I value really highly. For all my experience in freelancing, I realise that this is actually quite rare - it gives me the possibility to grow and, at the same time, be involved in the business side of the project, to have an influence on different business solutions and to explore and learn about new markets and spheres all over the world.

Also, the clients have always respected my free time, so I rarely work on weekends. This gives me the opportunity to relax and start working with renewed vigour. This should not be underestimated because I think that this is very important when you work with design like I do - when you are always trying to come up with innovative and creative ideas and designs, this requires lots of energy. I feel I have a good work-life balance.

For me Proxify is a friendly team, a flexible working schedule, interesting projects, new experiences, on-time financial compensation and stability with freedom at the same time. I’m glad our paths crossed and am excited about what the future holds for me at Proxify!

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