Oleksandra Hutsemekers - JavaScript developer

Oleksandra Hustemekers talks about finding Proxify and shares her tips for newcomers

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I got an offer from Proxify and we had started cooperation in less than a week - I've not looked back since!

My career as a front-end developer started in 2014. I think my working life is worthy of having a book written about it because it’s been so eventful!

Since childhood I have been fond of technology. I like maths, physics and computers. During my studies at an Economical university I had been repairing computers - maybe not typically a very girly kind of profession but, that said, I was still far from programming as there was a stereotype in my head that programmers only do some kind of “server code” and you can't see any actual results. I consider myself a visual kind of person - aesthetics mean a lot to me. I remember and understand much better when I see some concrete object or text.

I was number one at university in studies connected to calculations like, for example, economic cybernetics. A lot of circumstances led me to a programming. I started from writing html pages and then went deeper and deeper.

Oleksandra Hutsemekers

I liked coding and calculations, and I was patient and curious enough. I read several books and decided to go to work. I was pretty confident in my ability to learn fast and I was not mistaken - I’m now 100% confident that I like what I do and that I made the right choice.

In my first company I was working on outsourced projects with a large product company. My next job was with an international company, where I really improved my skills in both English and programming. I was working on 2 projects simultaneously. On one of the projects I worked as a front-end Team Lead and managed a team of 4 front-end developers, while also mentoring newcomers. I was creating architectures and reviewing code and I worked with great people.

However, being the curious and social person I am, I started to look for the opportunity to work remotely, as my job at that time couldn't provide me with such an option and my contract was terminated - I just wanted to have more freedom and start to be in charge of my working schedule, to a large extent. I did have certain criteria for a new company:

• I wanted to work remotely most of the time. • I wanted to work in an international company. • I wanted an hourly rate with flexible hours of work.

It's definitely fair to say that at Proxify I found this. I’m so happy to be a part of a big successful project now, where I can see the results of my work and always receive feedback from the client. I get to use my managerial skills and implement improvements on the product on a daily basis. Every day I am learning and growing with my team.

My communication skills helped me a lot to become involved in all the details of the project quickly and easily, and before I go I'd like to give some pieces of advice for all the newcomers to Proxify:

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions. • Be open and communicative. • Remember, all people make mistakes - admit to them and move on. • Greeting your team every morning goes a long way.

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