Olexii Kulinich - PHP developer

Olexii Kulinich on how Proxify has given him the chance to combine his skills and expertise

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I've been working with Proxify as a full-stack developer for over a year already and I really burn with enthusiasm for the project I'm working on.

My expertise, originally, was in the jurisprudence field - I studied legal regulation of the economy of Ukraine and worked as a lawyer. During this time, I had a chance to practice and obtain a solid understanding of companies’ business logic and processes, how companies interact between each other, how everything is being regulated inside the company and what legal rules and procedures govern its activities.

However, this wasn't enough for me so I decided to go further and to pursue computer science - a field that had also interested me greatly as a child. The symbiosis of several spheres always opens new horizons and, in my case, knowledge of law and programming skills gave me an opportunity to better understand the owners of the company I work with, the essence of each business case and how everything should work.

Before starting with Proxify, I worked for an Estonian company where we had been developing a product for the creation of smart contracts based on blockchain technologies.

Olexii Kulinich

The owners of the company were lawyers. And it was my first commercial experience where I could apply my knowledge in law and programming simultaneously. Blockchain technologies are very popular nowadays and I enjoyed working with something innovative.

We started in a small team of 3 remote developers and grew to more than 20 developers. It was an interesting experience, but even before the project finished I was starting to itch for a need to be more in charge of a project and have the chance to take a lead its direction. So, basically, I started to look for a new remote project where I could make the most of my skills, and Proxify was able to offer me exactly what I needed from a personal and professional point of view.

Now, as a part of the Proxify team I work with a financial company, which makes it easier for dealers to buy cars on favorable terms and, at the same time, for banks to increase their cash flow. By developing a website we are helping to scale out usage of the above-mentioned financial service. Proxify has given me the chance to again combine two spheres of my expertise in my work, which is super encouraging for me. I investigate the Law of Sweden, expand my horizons, communicate with the owners of the business, learn from their experience and grow professionally. I don't feel any need to look for anything else like I did before. I'm super content!

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