Fullstack developer


Spixler.com started 2 years ago and are taking the American market for sports betting. The operate under about 20 different brands and are growing fast with a solid financial backing.

They are about 30 people in total. The founders have good high level technical background, but can't code. So far they have used external developers on a project basis.

They are looking for a long term Fullstack developer to join their team and be the tech lead or like a CTO. For bigger projects they would get more external people on a project basis, but in this case are looking for someone to bring continuity and knowledge of the system. They want the person to feel and be part of the team even featured on website if you also want to.


A long term fullstack developer but frontend heavy that knows:

  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Node.js

Really fast websites is important to them and a good understanding of SEO is a very good skill for this position.

  • Need to have worked a lot with lighthouse-optimization and technical SEO

Stack details:

  • Vue2 + Nuxt with SSR + Composition API We use Nuxt only for SSR. On the frontend we have Vanilla JS code just for reaching the best google web core vitals (Only for US projects).

  • There are two multi domain repositories. One for US projects and another one for India projects US https://github.com/spixler-com/spixler-us India https://github.com/spixler-com/spixler-india US projects are placed on Digital Ocean droplets as SSR. India projects are placed in Netlify as static generated content.

  • Infrastructure

  • DO Droplets Sqore.com Sqore.com instance. Ubuntu, Nginx, Node, PM2 Strapi Docs Strapi Docs instance. Ubuntu, Nginx. USSB Ussportsbonus.com instance. Ubuntu, Nginx, Node, PM2. Casinotalk Casinotalk.com instance. Ubuntu, Nginx, Node, PM2. CMS Strapi instance for serving data for US sites. Ubuntu,

  • Nginx, Node, PM2.

  • WP WP instance. Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP-FPM Windia WP instance. Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP-FPM DO Postgresql instances spixler-postgresql Production DB cluster staging Staging cluster. It is used for testing in Github Actions for each pull request.

  • DO Spaces spixler-production Production space for strapi assets (image gallery) spixler-dev Dev / Staging space for strapi assets (image gallery) casinotalk-wordpres s-uploads

  • The space for old casinotalk WP images. They are being proxied by Nginx.

  • Strapi Backend We use enterprise strapi instance. Also we have our own fork: https://github.com/spixler-com/strapi We use a content manager component and an admin component from our fork because we have changed several things in strapi and made a couple improvements (see commits history and pull requests). Strapi backend is used only for US projects (CT, SQR, USSB)!

  • Dato CMS backend URL: https://www.datocms.com/ Dato is used only for India projects.


  • Full-time
  • Start August

At Proxify, we welcome everyone to apply. We want people that rigorously match the job description, but we also place high value on resilience, passion, honesty and diversity. At Proxify, we welcome all sorts of backgrounds, life experience and points of view. Join us!