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Talent has no borders

We headhunt the best tech talents going and help companies
of all shapes and sizes to efficiently build their products or services
using remote and distributed teams.

We truly believe that the future of work is remote; heck, that future
is already here and so we've made it our goal to convince every
company we come across to work with our devoted and senior
tech talents on a remote basis.

About us

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Whether you're an experienced freelancer, well-versed
in the specifics of remote work, or looking to leave the so-called
stability of an office-based role in search of freedom and ownership
of your work, our members and their journeys to Proxify
are truly inspiring.

  • Irene Gorbatiuk

    “It has been more than 9 years since I came to IT and about 2 years since I started working with Proxify, and to be honest, this was not the sphere I imagined myself in at the very beginning.”

    Irene Gorbatiuk

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    QA engineer

  • Oleksiy Kulinich

    “I've been working with Proxify as a full-stack developer for over a year already and I really burn with enthusiasm for the project I'm working on. I have the chance to combine his skills and expertise.”

    Oleksiy Kulinich

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    PHP developer

  • Mykyta Synov

    “For over a year and a half now I have been a part of Proxify, working on an evolving project where I get to develop my skills every day.”

    Mykyta Synov

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    PHP developer

  • Oleksandra Hutsemekers

    “I'm so happy to be a part of such a successful project. On a daily basis I get to use my managerial skills and implement improvements”

    Oleksandra Hutsemekers

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    JavaScript Developer

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Focus on what you’re best
at: building products

Proxify's all-in-one platform lets you control everything from your
finances to managing upcoming vacations and setting your working schedule.

  • Financial control

    Stay up to date with your reports and invoice us directly from your login.

  • Daily updates

    Keep your clients always in loop by providing daily updates on your progress.

  • Plan better

    You can manage vacations and decide the pace at which you work.


We’re looking for

  • Beautiful work

    You produce great results
    and follow best practices. You burn
    for adhering to and maintaining the
    standards associated with your
    area of expertise.

  • Communication

    Your English doesn’t have to be
    perfect, but it should be good
    enough for you to communicate
    and even manage a project.
    You’re social and outgoing.

  • Entrepreneurship

    You aren't afraid to take ownership
    for any project and show up by
    suggesting new ideas and
    take pride in assuming responsibility.

How we hire

And we offer

We want you to join for the long-term. In addition to reliable
and timely payment for your work, we provide the following.

  • Work from anywhere. We want to avoid the need for visa applications and employment contracts, and for you to join the remote era. It doesn't matter where you're from or where you're living, we're 100% remote.

  • Higher compensation. You are at the top of your field and that demands equitable pay. You will be compensated more than you would locally.

  • Work with the latest stacks. We're taking on more and more projects using the hottest technologies. You name the stack and we're sure we can get you working with it.

  • Support from your peers. In joining Proxify, you join an awe-inspiring community of developers, designers and much more; a community where knowledge-sharing is highly valued.

  • Continuity & longevity. If a project you're working on is coming to an end, we aim to make sure that another one is lined up for you to start on. We want to invest in you for the long-term.

  • Access to your data on the fly. You'll be granted access to your very own account, where you'll have control over everything from your finances, to managing upcoming vacations and planning your working schedule.

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